15 Productive Habits To Do On Sunday For The Best Week Ever

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I love Sundays but I also have a terrible habit of wasting the day. Do you find yourself rushing on Monday morning trying to get everything done? What if I told you Mondays didn’t have to be that way?

Making the most of my spare time on a Sunday has made me much more productive and allows me time to focus on bigger projects during the week.

If you feel like you never have enough time to do #allthethings try these 15 Sunday habits to make your week more manageable and enjoyable.

Write out your to do list for the day

Everyday, while I eat breakfast, I take 5- 10 minutes to write down my to do list. Having a to do list will help you become more organised.

Plan your week

Dentist appointments, haircuts, and coffee dates. In your diary or on a calendar, plan your appointments, work days and any other important tasks.

Schedule your important tasks

Let me guess, you have 50 million things that need doing but you don’t have time.

Plan your meals

Meal planning is something I am trying my hardest to do for both my finances and peace of mind. Having your means planned will allow you more time to do the important tasks on your to do list.

Plan your outfits

How long do you spend standing in front of your wardrobe choosing something to wear. My guess is its too long.

Create a morning routine

Creating a morning routine can help you feel energized and productive throughout the week.

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Break down the bigger tasks into smaller tasks

Looking at the tasks ahead of you can feel daunting and make you want to shy away rather than tackle them head on. Break down your biggest tasks into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

Go food shopping

I’m not going to lie, I hate food shopping. However, I drag myself to the shops every Sunday.

Get all the basic chores out of the way

I hate doing laundry when I am at work during the week. What if it rains and all that hard work goes to waste? Do these basic chores on a Sunday when you are pottering about the house.

Practice self care

Life can be chaotic and Sunday is the perfect time to practice self care. Have a hot bubble bath, practice yoga or read a good book. Do something that makes you feel good.

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Check your finances

Checking your finances means you will know how much money you have to spend during the week

Try journaling

Journaling is my 2019 obsession. Keeping a daily journal has helped me become a more organised, happier person.

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No electronics before bed

An hour before you go to bed, switch off all electronics. Having an hour without electronics will help you have a better nights sleep. Use this time to read a book, shower or listen to music.

Enjoy your time off

Work and life can be stressful so enjoy your time off. This will leave your energy feeling replenished and ready for the week ahead.

Have an early night

Start the week right and have an early night.

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15 productive things to do on sunday

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4 thoughts on “15 Productive Habits To Do On Sunday For The Best Week Ever

  1. Jimmy Clare ·

    I been enjoying my weekends more now. I use to work 90+ hours a week just to please the Google Gods, but then realize they don’t know that I been working 90+ hours a week it’s not like they will reward me for doing that. So I cut back my hours and I been more productive during the week and enjoy the weekends.

  2. Shannon ·

    I used to do all of this. It’s so hard to stick to, but I think I may start again. 😊

  3. Michele ·

    This is such a good list. I have 3 day weekend coming up. I am deep cleaning this house, getting all my laundry done and spending Sunday planning for the week. I will keep this in mind. I pinned it to my productivity board.