42 Affirmations To Change Your Life

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If you suffer with mental illness like depression or anxiety, you might find yourself overcome with negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. These thoughts can be consuming and feel like a weight on your shoulders over time. If you want to change your life and escape these negative thoughts, try using affirmations to change your life.

What are affirmations

Okay, so first off, what are affirmations? Affirmations are short, quick phrases that have a positive impact on your mind and body. Affirmations are part and parcel of positive thinking and empowerment and will enable you to think more positively.

Depression and anxiety alter how we view ourselves and the world. You’ve heard of the phrase ‘rose-tinted glasses’ right? Well, depression causes the opposite and encourages a negative mindset. For example, if you’re watching the news, your mind will focus on the negative media and completely overlook any positive news. Negativity becomes your comfort blanket, your reassurance however, it’s not healthy.

Overtime, affirmations will help you change the negative thought patterns that your mind naturally turns to. This will build a positive mindset and change your outlook on the world and ultimately, yourself.

How to use affirmations?

These are lots of ways to use affirmations and people use them differently. Some people speak them into a mirror on a morning, others run them through their minds when negative thoughts begin to plague them.

I have a different method of doing my daily affirmations that may work for you if you like to journal. Every day, I choose one affirmation that resonates with me and write it in my journal. I find that repeating the affirmation throughout the day to myself gradually helps change my thought process over time.

Affirmations are not a quick fix for mental health problems. Like any thought changing behavior, they take time, patience and a lot of practice. Our negative self-talk builds up over time and it can take some time to alter these thought patterns. I promise that you are more special than you believe.

42 Affirmations To Change Your Life

  1. I am doing my best
  2. I choose to be happy and to love myself today
  3. My possibilities are endless
  4. I am worthy
  5. I am brave, bold and beautiful
  6. Today is going to be a great day
  7. I am talented and intelligent
  8. I am one of a kind
  9. I can and I will
  10. I am proud of myself and my achievements
  11. I am who I want to be
  12. I am beautiful
  13. I am unique
  14. I am powerful
  15. I radiate confidence
  16. I am in love with myself and my body
  17. I am proud of myself
  18. I am becoming more confident every day
  19. I believe in myself
  20. I will not worry about things I cannot control
  21. I will be kind to myself and others today
  22. I am loved
  23. I am worthy of love and respect
  24. Today will be a positive day
  25. I will take time to love and care for myself
  26. I am successful
  27. I am free of worry and regret
  28. My thoughts become my reality
  29. I love myself
  30. I am grateful for all that I have
  31. I am full of potential
  32. I can change my life and my situation
  33. I am more than my negative thoughts
  34. I am healthy and happy
  35. I welcome happiness into my life
  36. All I need is within me
  37. I always make the best decisions for myself
  38. I am more than enough
  39. I let go of my worries and stress
  40. I am ambitious
  41. I appreciate all that I have and all that I am
  42. I accept myself unconditionally

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I have something for you!

Storytime! When I was at my lowest I was really struggling with depression. I tried everything to ease the depression but nothing was making a difference. I remember waking up each day and the only thing I would look forward to was the day ending. It was hard and I was getting pretty desperate, that’s when my counselor suggested starting a journal.

Complete disclosure, I didn’t expect much from journaling. If I’m honest, I thought it was a bit of a fad.

Boy was I wrong.

I started trying to journal every day. I didn’t have a consistent time and let me tell you, it was a hard habit to get into but it was hard because it is worthwhile.

This is why I created a 30-day self-discovery journal to help you get started with daily journaling! I know what it’s like to be stuck in that dark place and I want to help you. It isn’t easy but I believe you can do it.

Using daily journal prompts like the ones in my self-improvement journal I have been able to increase my confidence, lower my anxiety and realize my true potential. I’m here to help you re-discover your happiness.

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Affirmations to change your life
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42 positive affirmations that will change your life

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