When I was struggling with depression and social anxiety, I struggled to find real help and guidance. This was when I decided to start the Self Love Circle and use my own experiences to help others manage their mental health in order to begin living their dream life.

Over the years I have developed techniques that are helping me manage and overcome depression and anxiety. These techniques are enabling me to build a more positive. healthy lifestyle through self improvement and personal growth. I started the Self Love Circle to help you overcome depression and begin living a life you love.


I understand the helpless feeling that comes with depression. That dark cloud that follows you around can be torturous but I promise it does get better. 

I still have bad days, which I openly talk about on my Instagram account but it is possible to overcome depression and anxiety. 

My recovery has enabled me to help other women by sharing my journey, tips and advice. It has pushed me to train as a therapist and life coach to further help you.


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