Self Care

Self Care Evening Routine

How To Practice Mindfulness | Slow Dowm

Last week, I wrote a post on My Self Care Morning Routine. So many of you said that the post helped you create your own healthy, morning routine so I thought I’d tell you about my Self Care Evening Routine! I am a huge believer in taking the time to look after yourself in order […]

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My Self Care Morning Routine

Self Care Morning Routine

A self-care morning routine is essential to maintaining your mental wellness and living a happy, healthy life. Self-care is all about recognizing your mental and physical needs in order to take care of yourself. If you struggle with mental illness, focusing on your self-care will aid the improvement of your mental health. A self-care morning […]

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50 Self Care Ideas

50 Self Care Ideas For Better Mental Health | Improve Your Mental Wellness

Self care is the act of taking care of yourself and putting your needs first. Most of us are taught that we must put others first and we watch ourselves fall further and further down out list of priorities. This negative mentality is bullshit, how can you look after others when you are burnt out, […]

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How To Make Yourself A Priority

We all have different priorities. Kids, work, family. Your priorities will be different to the lady who served you coffee this morning or the man who walks past your house walking his dog everyday. They may even be different to your partners. But let me ask you a question, where are you on your list […]

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30 Day Self Care Challenge + Free Printable

It takes 30 days to get into a routine and self care should be a major part of your daily routine. 30 days of focusing on yourself and your goals. Self care is incredibly important and shouldn’t be overlooked but it is also difficult to get into a self care routine. Do you find it […]

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My Self Care Routine + Tips

Towards the end of 2018, I really started to focus on my self care. I use self care to help with my depression and anxiety but everyone should en-cooperate elements of self care into their daily routine. We spend all of our days helping others whether its at work or at home and quite frankly, […]

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