30 Journal Prompts For Depression

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Depression sucks.

There’s no beating around the bush.

It fucking sucks.

When you struggle with depression, it can feel incredibly difficult, like you are stuck in a rut.

I know this feeling all too well.

I battled depression for years and yes, I still have them low days. However, through creating a positive routine and journaling daily, I have been able to pull myself out of that dark place and begin living a happy, fulfilled life.

If you want to start journaling or you’ve previously tried and struggled to get into the habit, this post will help you. Below I’ve included 30 journal prompts to get your thoughts flowing. No more staring at a blank page, wondering what to write. Make journaling easier with these 30 journaling prompts for depression.

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3 Reasons You Should Journal For Depression

Before you start a journal, it is important to understand how journaling will improve your mental health.

Releases negative thoughts and feelings

Depression causes us to think more negative thoughts. Depression causes you to become pessimistic, a glass half full sort of person.

These negative thoughts become normal over time. When they are stuck in our minds, we are unable to see them for what they are.

Journaling your worries, thoughts, and feelings makes them easier to process. This practice unclutters your mind and helps you get out of your head which is essential to overcoming depression.

Uncover triggers & negative thought patterns

When your thoughts are displayed before you, you can begin searching for a deeper meaning. Uncover potential triggers and the negative belief behind your thoughts.

Find solutions to problems

When our thoughts and feelings become overwhelming, they can feel as if there is no escaping them. However, writing them down makes it easier to find solutions as it allows you to view the thought from a neutral perspective.

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How to start journaling for depression

I am a huge advocate for journaling. It is a great way to have a deeper understanding of yourself, your thoughts, and your habits.

I can hands down say that journaling every day is the main way I have learned to manage my depression and overcome anxiety.

Using mental health journal prompts is a great way to start journaling. In the beginning, it may feel a little odd writing down your thoughts and feelings. You may even struggle to put your thoughts on paper. That’s why these depression journal prompts are a great place to start. They get your mind working to answer the questions posed.

Depression journal prompts

  1. List 15 things (people, objects, hobbies) that make you happy.
  2. When things are tough, I want to remember…
  3. What 3 things have I achieved today?
  4. List 3 things that you love about yourself.
  5. What is your biggest failure in life and what did you learn from it?
  6. What is your greatest achievement?
  7. What is your favorite quote?
  8. If you knew you would not fail, what one thing would you do?
  9. List 3 of your triggers and ways you can deal with them.
  10. What do you wish more people knew about you and why?
  11. List 3 of your greatest qualities.
  12. What is holding you back from your current goals? Make a list and try to find ways around the obstacles.
  13. If you could spend time with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose and why?
  14. What made you happy today?
  15. What made you upset today?
  16. How would you describe yourself to a stranger?
  17. How would you describe depression?
  18. What one thing has depression taught you?
  19. When is the last time you did something nice for yourself?
  20. How can you start making changes to improve your life?
  21. Write about the happiest time in your life?
  22. List 15 things you are grateful for.
  23. What does your dream life look like?
  24. Write about a time when you selflessly helped someone.
  25. What are the top 3 stressors causing your depression?
  26. How did your anxiety and depression begin? Write about how you felt at the beginning.
  27. Write a letter to someone who causes your depression (don’t worry, you don’t have to send it to them).
  28. Create a morning routine filled with habits that make you happy.
  29. Brain dump all of your worries this week.
  30. Write a letter to your future self.

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