My Self Care Morning Routine

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A self-care morning routine is essential to maintaining your mental wellness and living a happy, healthy life. Self-care is all about recognizing your mental and physical needs in order to take care of yourself. If you struggle with mental illness, focusing on your self-care will aid the improvement of your mental health.

A self-care morning routine will help you set productive goals and encourage positive thoughts and emotions. Below, is my everyday self-care morning routine that I aim to do every morning. Use it for inspiration on creating your own self-care morning routine for your mental health.

Continue reading for my 5 essential morning routine habits for a positive life.

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self care morning routine

Wake Up

The first step to the perfect, self-care morning routine is to get out of bed when your alarm goes off.

I know its hard. Your bed is so comfy and 5 minutes won’t hurt, right? We all know 5 minutes becomes 10, then 30 and before you know it you’ve been laid in bed for over an hour stuck on an endless social media scroll.

This is not a good way to start your day. I would do this every-damn-morning as I hated the sound of my alarm. I hated how I felt suddenly jolted awake until I found Yoga Wake Up Alarm.

Yoga wake up alarm is an amazing alarm that wakes you up to a yoga practice. I am all about managing my time and making life easier so doing yoga from the comfort of my bed?!

Hell to the yes!

Practicing Yoga daily helps reduce feelings of anxiety by calming the nervous system. It reduces muscle tension, strain and increases the body’s awareness of physical distress signals. Becoming more aware of these physical distress signals will help you begin to understand your triggers.

Check out Yoga Wake Up here!


When we are asleep our bodies are slowly becoming dehydrated. When we sleep we don’t drink anything for 7-9 hours so as soon as I wake up, I drink a glass of water to rehydrate my body.

Before I started drinking water once I woke up I would feel lethargic until lunchtime. Now, within an hour of waking up, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

I take a glass of water up to bed with me every evening to drink throughout the night and if I do wake up. Drinking water is incredibly over-preached but it is such a vital part of self-care that ya girl gotta preach it.

Drink your damn water!

Avoid Screen Time

I cannot even count the number of times I’ve woken up, picked up my phone for 5 minutes only to find myself still laid in bed an hour later.

And I bet I’m not the only one!

While social media can be a positive environment, more often than not it is full of negative media. If you start your day by reading negative news articles and posts you will consume the negative vibes and look at the world differently. Instead, start your day off on the right foot by avoiding social media.

Heres a secret too, avoiding your phone first thing actually increases your productivity as well!

Move Your Body

Don’t worry, this isn’t the part where I tell you to go for a 5 mile run before breakfast (but if you want to, go for it)!

I have never been a big lover of exercise. No, scrap that, I hate exercise. I hate feeling sweaty and breathless. I know you’re meant to feel an endorphin high but I have only ever experienced exhaustion.

However, I still make a conscious effort to exercise when I wake up. I just do it in a way that works for me.

AKA the beauty that is yoga.

I started doing yoga a few months ago and I was skeptical of the supposed benefits. However, yoga has helped me feel more confident, less stressed and more at peace with myself. My depression and anxiety caused me to become very easily overwhelmed and yoga has become my means of releasing these emotions.

If you’re nervous about starting yoga, don’t be. Currently, I don’t go to any yoga classes, I just do it from the comfort of my home. This was the best way to start for me as it has helped me build my confidence.

If you want to start doing yoga from the comfort of your home, check out Yoga Download online yoga classes. Click the image below to get a 2 week free trial with unlimited yoga classes for only $1!

Plan Your Day

This is probably my favorite part of my self-care morning routine.

While I sit and have breakfast, I get out my journal. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know I am a huge advocate for journaling. It has helped reduce my anxiety and depression so much.

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However, what I often forget to talk about is the ‘to do’ part of my journaling routine.

Every day I dedicate a page to my goals and everything I want to achieve that day. I make three different lists every day. One for things I want to do, one for things I need to do and one for challenges that I am trying to overcome.

These three lists are incredibly important for your mental health as they encourage progress and a sense of pride. The things you want to do are tasks that make you happy. For example, mine would be yoga, reading, going to see a family member.

The list of things you need to do are tasks that you maybe find tedious. For example, work, housework, cleaning, going to the post office.

Finally, the list of challenges will likely be the shortest list of all but the most difficult. This is where progression comes into your daily routine. A challenge is a task that you have been putting off or causes feelings of anxiety. Sometimes tasks will stay on your challenges list for months and that is okay. The simple act of writing the task down daily will make it feel more manageable until eventually, it is achievable.

Making a to-do list every day helps me keep on track and organized. People who struggle with depression and anxiety often find themselves forgetting tasks that they need to do. Keeping a daily plan helps me make sure I tick off everything that I have to do.

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Do you have any healthy habits you do every morning? Comment them down below!

Morning Self Care Routine

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3 thoughts on “My Self Care Morning Routine

  1. Teya // TLM Blog ·

    Love your routine! I’m on the same page with my phone! I’m a working progress but I’m finally getting into the habit of leaving it face down for at least half an hour after waking up!

  2. Stephen Granger ·

    The morning routine checklist you have created is really great Jess! Mornings for me are sooo hard, getting out of my warm, cozy bed is very difficult. Having a fresh glass of water I think will be something I will try every morning 🙂