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In 2016, I fell in love with reading personal development blogs that specialized in self-care, mental health, and personal growth. These blogs encouraged me overtime to start my own blog to share my experiences with mental health and personal development.

Personal development blogs have become such an essential tool in my personal growth journey as they share so much advice, tips, personal stories and guidance. As human beings, we should always be striving for positive change and growth and the best place to start is reading about other personal development journeys. If you are wanting to get unstuck and live life to the fullest, check out the personal development blogs listed below!

Anxious Lass

When I first began looking for mental health resources, tips and advice, I came across Kelly Jean, the mental health blogger at Anxious Lass. I love Kelly’s way of talking about mental health in a way that helps breakdown the stigma around anxiety and depression.

Favorite Post – 8 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Someone With An Anxiety Disorder

This post has helped me formulate the words to tell people around me that sometimes what they say about my social anxiety isn’t helpful or necessary. I highly recommend reading this post if you struggle to tell others how you feel.

Favourite Resource – Social Anxiety to Social Success

Social Anxiety to Social Success is Kelly’s amazing Ebook, a practical, step by step guide to managing your social anxiety. I read Social Anxiety to Social Success back when Kelly first released her Ebook and I instantly fell in love. This Ebook is 32 pages of essential tips for overcoming social anxiety with printable A4 worksheets to help you with manage your social anxiety. Kelly uses her own, personal experiences to give structured advice that feels like a conversation with a friend. Her ‘down to earth’ honesty and humor is incredibly refreshing in a social anxiety guide.

There’s no waiting for this digital ebook arrive, as soon as you purchase it will be sent to your email so you can get started on your personal development journey straight away.

The Blissful Mind

The Blissful Mind was one of the later personal development blogs that I found and I instantly loved Catherines self-care and personal growth tips. Catherine is the mindset coach and founder of The Blissful Mind blog who specializes in encouraging a positive mindset and reducing stress through time management strategies.

Catherine uses her own experiences to give positive advice and daily habits that will help you get unstuck and change your life.

Favourite Post- Self- Sabotage: How To Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success.

Catherine’s posts on self-sabotage helped me look into my unconscious behaviour and recognise my own limiting behaviour that was holding me back. If you keeping setting goals that you don’t achieve, I highly recommend reading Catherine’s articles on self-sabotage.

Favourite Resource – Free Goal Planning Worksheet

Catherines Free Goal Planning Worksheet is one of the best free, personal development resource I have ever come across. This free worksheet will help you get clear on your goals, intentions and the timeline in which it will take you to achieve them. This worksheet encourages you to stay on track and actually achieve your dreams.

Sign up to get your Free Goal Planning Worksheet here!

Seeking Serotonin

Seeking Serotonin is the most recent mental health blogger I have come across. Nia has a wonderfully honest way of writing about her struggles that I’m sure are relatable to many of us.

Nia started her blog to help others with their struggle. She knew that her own, personal experiences would be useful to others who were in a similar position.

Favourite Post – How To Deal With Stress When You Suffer From Mental Health Issues

This is my favourite post from Nia. Why? This isn’t a generic post on how to deal with stress, it is tailored to those of us who suffer from depression and anxiety. The 10 tips Nia includes in this post are in-depth ways to deal with stress from depression and anxiety.

Favourite Resource – Make Time For Self Care Ebook

Nia’s self-care Ebook is a wonderful resource for those starting out with self-care. This Ebook teaches you how to make time for practising self-care, learn how to balance your mental health and become the best version of yourself.

When you purchase the Ebook, you will also receive a free printable self-care planner, self-care for depression ebook and the self-care for anxiety Ebook. This means you receive 3 Ebooks and a printable worksheet for the price of one Ebook!

Read more about Nia’s Make Time For Self-Care Ebook here!

The Morning Buzz Blog

The Morning Buzz Blog is a great read for people trying to change their future and create a life that they love.

The owner and founder of The Morning Buzz Blog, Haylie, is a twenty-something serial entrepreneur who believes in girl power! All of her posts are full of real advice, no fluff and no b.s. She fully believes in encouraging you to go and pursue your dreams and turn them into goals.

Favourite Post – How To Pursue Your Best Year Ever

If you’re anything like me, you set your goals and a week later you’ve fallen off the wagon. You see, I love to plan and set schedules however, I am terrible at sticking to them. In this post, Haylie teaches you how to re-evaluate what you want to achieve, set smart goals and actually set off on the right path to achieve them.

Favourite Resource – The Morning Buzz Community

Haylie runs a Facebook group that is open to join and talk about your goals, personal growth plan and productivity. Click here to check out the group.

Those Positive Thoughts

I have loved and followed Those Positive Thoughts since I started my own blog. This personal development blog is filled with advice, guidance and resources that are sure to help you blossom into the person you want to be.

Laura is the personal growth blogger at Those Positive Thoughts. Laura is a big believer in going after your dreams and creating the life that you want to live.

Favourite Post – How To Improve Your To-Do List And Stay Organised

Laura is the Queen of organization and her blog posts on planning and goal setting are filled with useful information, essential to creating meaningful goals.

Favourite Resource – Those Positive Thoughts | Youtube

Laura also has a youtube channel connected to her blog where she creates ‘plan with me’ videos and personal growth updates. Her channel is a great resource for your own personal growth journey. Check out Laura’s channel here.

I love reading personal development blogs and I know that they can be such a useful resource for maintaining your mental wellness.

personal development blogs for your mental health

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