10 Tips For The Best Self-care Sunday

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Your week can be long, difficult, and quite frankly, exhausting. For many people, work is mentally and physically tiring, therefore you need time to rest and relax.

Self-care Sundays are my no.1 way to end the week. Why? Because spending the day focusing on your body and mind is a great way to unwind and leave behind the week’s stress.

I thought it would be a good idea to share my 10 tips for the perfect self-care Sunday. Take some time to focus on yourself and feel like a new woman.

10 Tips For The Perfect Self-care Sunday

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Prepare For The Week

Monday mornings are hard enough without having to plan meetings and manage your work and family commitments. Taking an hour or so out of your Sunday to prepare and plan your week will ensure a less stressful week.

Keeping a planner is the best way to prepare for the upcoming week. Using a planner will enable you to stay more organized, increase productivity for better time management, and allow you to achieve your goals.

Here are some of my favourite planners from amazon…


When you’ve been faced with a stressful week, tension can build up in your muscles. A great way to relieve this tension is through Yoga.

The practice of Yoga is about bringing your body, mind and emotions into harmony.

I do practice yoga from the comfort of my home. I get my yoga mat and follow a yoga practice by Adriene on Youtube. She has some great practices for anxiety, depression, sleep, stress, and many more!

Pamper Yourself

I find pampering myself to be my favourite part of self-care Sunday. Personally, I have always been a bath person. Even when my depression was at it’s worst, sitting in a hot bubble bath helped to clear my mind.

Use some time to focus on your body. Have a hot bath infused with lavender Epsom salts. Wash your hair and shave (if you do). This will help you feel clean and refreshed.

Read A Self-Improvement Book

Self-improvement books are part and parcel of self-care. Whether it’s about mental health, productivity, or setting new habits, self-improvement books are a great read for self-care Sundays.

Here are a couple of self-help books that have changed my life.

Happy By Fearne Cotton
You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

Put On Some Comfy Clothes

Sundays are reserved for comfy clothes. It is an unspoken rule between men and women. Sweat pants, oversized t-shirts and jumpers, fluffy socks and best of all, slippers.

Put on your comfiest clothes, the clothes that feel like a giant hug and wrap yourself in a nice, fluffy blanket.

Every Christmas my grandma buys me a fluffy blanket and I love to spend my Sundays snuggled up.

Go Outside

One of my favourite self-care tips is spending time in nature. Whether you have a garden and sit with a cup of tea or go for a walk, spending time in the fresh air is great for your mental health.

When the weather is nice, aim to get outside and go for a walk in nature. Take a friend, a family member or put in your headphones and listen to your favourite music.

Focus On Your Skincare

Skin care is such an underrated part of self-care. Your skin needs to be cared for as well. Pollution, UV rays, chemicals all have an impact on your skin.

Doing a weekly, exfoliating face mask will clear any build up of dead skin or chemicals. Wearing a moisturiser with SPF will protect your skin from the sun.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself by doing something you enjoy. You’ve had a busy week, believe me you deserve to.

Watch Netflix, visit friends or family, watch Disney+ or get crafty! I like to reward myself by watching Disney+ and paint.

Journal Your Feelings

The first step to dealing with your feelings is acknowledging and accepting them. If you feel anxious or worried about the upcoming week, write it down in your journal. Exploring these emotions will help you accept and learn to cope with these feelings.

If you’re unsure of how to start a journal, check out this post here. It is a complete guide to journaling and includes my 3 step journal routine which changed my life and mental health.

Have An Early Night

When you’ve spent all week rushing about, chasing your tail, you deserve a well needed rest. Having an early night is a great way to end your day of self-care.

Ensuring you get 8-10 hours sleep is essential for adults.

Do you know someone who needs to take care of themselves? Send them this post!

10 Tips For The Perfect Self-Care Sunday

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7 thoughts on “10 Tips For The Best Self-care Sunday

  1. Aislinn Short ·

    I love all of these tips!! I highly recommend yoga with adriene, she has several yoga videos for whatever your goal for the session is. Wednesday’s and Sundays are my spa days, I always wear a mud mask every night ๐Ÿฅฐ

    1. selflovecircle ·

      She’s great, isn’t she! Oh, a mud mask sounds great ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Al ·

    I love self improvement books… and books in general! Thatโ€™s definitely my favourite tip!

    Al x

  3. James ·

    I love a lazy Sunday, and you’ve reminded me I need a new blanket to wrap myself up in!! Working retail means my Sunday isn’t always a Sunday but these are great tips for a free day off!

    take care, stay safe.


  4. Stephen Granger ·

    Hi there Jess! Putting on comfy clothes is probably my favourite idea in this list, i have my baggy sweat pants and huge warm hoody that i wear on my relaxing days ๐Ÿ™‚