Self-Improvement Books For Women

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Us women are powerful, really f*ucking powerful! We have dreams, goals and a whole lot of passion. Whether you’re striving to start your own business, climb the corporate ladder or transform your life, these 5 self-improvement books are sure to up-level your life. Grab a coffee, get inspired and take action today.

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The best way to read self-improvement books...

In my experience, the best way to expand your mind, create healthy habits and make positive life changes is though reading. If you look into the routines of the worlds most successful, happy people, they all have one thing in common. 

They make time to read everyday.

Wealthy, successful people are 3x more likely to read a book than the average person. One study showed reading reduces stress by 68 percent which means that you can literally read your stress away. 

But what if I don’t like to read…

Not everyone enjoys reading. Some people find it boring, some are easily distracted and some are too busy to sit and read everyday. This is why I love Audible.

Audible is Amazons audio-book program where you can find some of the world best books and podcasts. If you’re someone who’s too busy to sit and read a book, then audio-books are a great alternative. Listen to them on your commute, while doing housework or even while you’re exercising. 

Personally, I love Audible. I listen to roughly four audio books a month while working and exercising. My favourites are health and improvement books (hence this post) however, they have everything from romance to sci-fi.

Still unsure, try audible for 30 days for free!

Self Improvement Books For Women

You Are A Badass

Author | Jen Sincero

Get ready to get inspired and kick-ass with Jen Sinceros funny yet motivational book on destroying self-doubt and creating an awesome life.

What’s even better is You Are A Badass has become a trilogy, with You Are A Badass At Making Money and You Are A Badass Every Day. Uplevel your life and become the ultimate girlboss with these kick-ass reads.

Perfect If You Are | Looking for a motivational self-help book full of laughs and the odd swear word!

Paperback | $8.99 | £8.99

Just F*ucking Do It

Author | Noor Hibbert

The no bullshit guide to stop playing small and transform your life. Just F*ucking Do It will take you on a journey of self-discovery using mindset changes and the law of attraction to help you get what you want. This book will show you how to make positive changes and finally achieve your dreams.

Noor Hibbert is an inspiring life coach, motivational speaker and spiritual badass who helps people transform their life through positive mindset re-training.

Perfect If You Are | Wanting to transform your life through self-love and the power of the universe.

Paperback | $17.39 | £11.99


Author | Sophia Amoruso

Now a popular Netflic series, #GIRLBOSS is the best selling book by Sophia Amoruso, founder of NASTY GAL. Sophia shares her journey from broke, high-school drop out to founding one of the largest growing online retailers. 

#GIRLBOSS is the guide to success for the unconventional. Inspiring and empowering, #GIRLBOSS is the kick up the ass you need to start your online movement. 

Perfect If You Are | A budding entrepreneur starting your online business.

Paperback | $16.00 |£9.99

Girl Wash Your Face

Author | Rachel Hollis

Do you feel like everyone knows the secret to life and you don’t? Well, Rachel Hollis is here to tell you that is bullshit! Rachel exposes the 20 lies that that hold us back from achieving our true potential.

Girl Wash Your Face challenges real issues and the strategies you can use to push forward and transform your life. Challenge your self-doubt and limiting beliefs to become the woman you always wanted to be.

Perfect If You Are | Battling self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Move forward and chase your dream.

Paperback | $24.99 | £14.99

Get Rich Lucky Bitch!

Author | Denise Duffield-Thomas

Get Rich Lucky Bitch! is the girlboss guide to overcoming money blocks and giving yourself permission to be as rich as you want! This book will inspire you to dream bigger than you ever thought possible and manifest your perfect life.

Denise is the queen of money mindset destroying the beliefs you have around money. Having been though the financial rollercoaster before, Denise decided to apply everything she knew about the law of attraction to money. She watched her income double, then triple and she teaches you how you can do it to!

Perfect If You Are | Ready to smash your income goals and get rich!

Paperback | $16.99 | £12.99

Spiritual Queen

Author | Emma Mumford

Spiritual Queen by Emma Mumford is a griping self-help book filled with business advice and spiritual practices to uplevel and change your life

Emma is an award winning lifestyle blogger, Youtuber and Life Coach who helps women overcome struggles using spirituality and the Law Of Attraction.

Emma shares how you can be a queen in any and all circumstances of your life including;

  • Business
  • Self-Love
  • Spirituality
  • Money

Perfect If You Are | Interested in the Law Of Attraction, Manifestation or Spirituallity

Paperback | $14.10 | £10.99


Author | Fearne Cotton

Happy by Fearne Cotton is the no.1 book for 20 somethings who are searching for happiness and meaning. Fearne teaches you how to slow down and appreciate what is around you. 

Happy is filled with practical exercises to start and end your day right. Every chapter shares advice from life coaches, yogi teachers and professionals who specialise in mindset and happiness.

Perfect If You Are | struggling to find happiness and want to make positive changes in your life.

Paperback | $12.99 | £8.99

self improvement books for women

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